Chatgpt: increased performance with new features

Chatgpt is an innovative tool, undoubtedly the most used conversational robot in the world. Since its release in 2011, the tool has been doing wonders in answering various queries from online users. However, there is no shortage of challenges. Some of the answers do indeed contain biases. It is also to correct all this that since its creation, OpenAI has not failed to make upgrades to its tool. Here are some new features that guarantee the most performance with Chatgpt.

ChatGPT 4: A smarter language model

The language model put online by OpenAI since 2021 has undergone numerous developments to date. With GPT-4, the improved version of GPT-3, the tool becomes more and more efficient. You can also read more here for more details. ChatGPT 4 features a powerful neural network architecture with a larger training dataset. That said, the tool becomes even more intelligent. It has a much better understanding of natural language and can therefore provide more precise and relevant answers.

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Another thing, unlike GPT-3.5 which can only generate around 3000 words, GPT-4 can create content of around 6000 words. Today, Chatgpt can carry out real-world research and also helps certain coders in the development of complex programs. You can also automate complex requests and get advice on finances, rights, etc.

The new Chatgpt features that are attracting the greatest interest

To make life easier for users, OpenAI makes every effort to continually improve the performance of its tool. This is how the latest updates have included multiple features, some more interesting than the others.

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Internet access and real-time search

Among the features of Chatgpt that increase its performance, one of the most interesting is internet access. Older versions of the tool could only provide answers on topics dating up to 2021. But today, the most recent versions can access the internet in real time. With ChatGPT 4, it is now possible to access answers to current questions. In addition to drawing on its pre-recorded knowledge, the tool can also carry out online searches and integrate the results obtained into its responses.

Voice conversations

ChatGPT 4 also includes voice synchronization. The tool has in fact formed a partnership with certain voice-over actors. It can thus respond to voice requests launched by online users. It is also capable of conversing with users by voice. This feature allows for more natural and fluid interaction. This is a real opportunity that ChatGPT is taking advantage of to try out new applications such as voice assistants and chatbots.

Interacting with images

To help users go faster, ChatGPT also offers interaction with photos and videos. You can now take photos and wait for the tool to describe or explain them to you. ChatGPT can answer questions about visual content and even explain a movie scene.

For example, if you want to make adjustments to your home and are wondering how to go about it, ChatGPT can help. By analyzing images of various rooms, the tool can actually suggest changes to make to optimize the design of your home.

Other notable features that optimize ChatGPT performance

In addition to the many features described above, the latest version of ChatGPT also offers many other possibilities. Now you have the ability to translate texts and conversations from one language to another in real time from this tool. It is also possible to generate creative content, whether:

  • Some poems ;
  • Blog post;
  • Product description;
  • Scripts;
  • Musical pieces, etc.

Developers can even use this tool to write codes and create applications, all in record time.